Bob and George
Wednesday, June 14th, 2000 #75
The Return to the Beginning Did I Mention I'm Lazy?
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Since I had returned to the sprite comic while I decided what to do with the hand-drawn comic, I needed some place to go with the Megaman storyline I had been working on at the time. As I had started with the backstory to the first Megaman game, it only made sense to continue and follow through with a parody of that first game. The problem was that I had already started the backstory with the Author posing as Mega Man, and that gimmick wouldn't really work through an entire game parody. I soon realized the simplest answer would be to just start the backstory over with the correct Mega Man.

Now, the punchline in this comic might need some explanation, though I fear that would ruin the joke. Dr. Wily first tells Dr. Light that they've used that joke about "Rock and Roll" before, specifically here. He then says they've done that joke before as well, which refers to using the "We've used this joke before" joke before, here, which was a reuse of the joke from here. So, in the end, it was a joke about reusing jokes about reusing jokes. Very postmodern.
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