Thursday, June 29th, 2000 #90
The Attack of the Yellow Demon Paralization Sucks
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Usually, no one notices the titles of the comics, but the title to this comic did cause a few emails. I didn't realize it at the time, but technically the correct term is "paralysis", not "paralization", as apparently there is no such word as "paralization". The title sat there without a word for a few years before someone finally noticed and brought it to my attention. While I normally would go back to make corrections like this, after all those years the title had some nostalgia associated with it, and I decided to leave it as is.

One of the things most lacking in the sprite sheets of 2000 were good sprites of Mega Man laying flat. Even today, the only sprites you can really find of Mega Man fallen down are from Power Battles and Power Fighters, which are stretched a little funny compared to Megaman 7 sprites. Anyway, since I didn't have those sprites at the time, the best I could do was substitute the sliding sprites, and make it look like Mega Man was reclining for some reason. Ah, the things we have to make do with.
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