Friday, June 23rd, 2000 #84
The Attack of the Yellow Demon The Fight Begins
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I feel a bit silly when I look at this comic again, because when it was new, I said something that was far too cocky for the position I was in. You see, one of my colleagues at my summer internship looked at this particular comic and commented that it didn't have a punchline. After all, what kind of comic strip doesn't have a punchline. I responded that, in my immense wisdom at having run a comic strip for almost three months by this point, I was more than confident enough that I could run a comic without a punchline. Looking back on that naive presumption makes me feel a bit silly, as I clearly didn't know what the hell I was talking about. Perhaps now, after having run a fairly successful webcomic for over seven years, I think I can say I'm fairly experienced at it, but three months? I didn't know anything.

That being said, I do like this particular comic. It's more subtle than most of my comics, what with the only real flourish being Proto Man's slight smile in the last panel, a nice touch I included to add to the underlying meaning of the comic. I mean, smirking when taking on a creature four times your size says volumes about your personality, which was exactly the point. So while I still don't think this comic needs a punchline, it doesn't mean I was right to be so cocky about it, all those years ago.
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