Thursday, June 15th, 2000 #76
The Return to the Beginning He's Not Really Stupid, He's Just Programmed That Way
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If you believe Mega Man's stupidity is solely responsible for the success of the comic, then this here is perhaps the most monumental comic in the archives, for this minor slip-up is ultimately reponsible for all of it.

During the first few years of the comic, I didn't have Dr. Light swear like the rest of the characters in the comic, figuring he was too refined for that. Instead, he'd either use a more acceptable word in place of the swear word, a euphemism, or he'd simply use a more scientifically accurate word. Darn instead of damn, feces instead of shit, that sort of thing. Over time, though, as he started drinking more and his personality shifted from that of a kindly old scientist to a crotchety old man, I moved away from this idea and Dr. Light's vocabulary became rather explicit. I suppose some people might see that as a bad thing, but I personally think Dr. Light got funnier the more ornery he became.
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