Tuesday, June 27th, 2000 #88
The Attack of the Yellow Demon Just Close Your Eyes and Hope It Goes Away
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The only real problem I have with this comic is that Mega Man's sprite is so small, it can be difficult to tell what he's trying to do. I suppose as an alternative, I could've shown a close-up of Mega Man's face, making it very evident that he had his eyes closed, and then show what he was keeping his eyes closed against in the last panel. Though, I'm not sure that would work, given that the audience already knows what he's facing off against. Then again, it may not matter, since I think the title makes it very clear what Mega Man's intentions were, so perhaps the casual reader will take a second look at the comic and get the joke then. I just hope it's still funny then.

If I was faced with a giant monster like this, I think my first instinct would be to simply run away. However, I think if the monster was monstrously huge enough, it might overload my brain, simply trying to comprehend such a thing, and I might take just a moment to close my eyes and see if that makes the monster go away. I mean, it can't hurt much just to make certain it's really there, right? Oh, sure, the monster might kill you during that moment, but if it's that big, it can surely catch you and kill you if you run anyway, right?
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