Wednesday, June 7th, 2000 #68
George's Summer Job HOLY SHIT!
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Without a doubt, this was a mistake. If I'd been thinking clearly, I probably could've squeezed an awesome storyline out of the fast food job gimmick, but I couldn't resist moving on. As I've said before, I don't know why, but I had this urge to "get to the good stuff", which pretty much ruined the hand-drawn comic. You know, aside from the art.

Originally, I had it in mind to show George going off to college, spending several months just showing George getting used to the whole thing before slowly revealing the whole superhero side of the comic. Yes, George was always meant to be Blitz, but that would come after months of getting used to regular George and George's college friends, months after I'd pretty much wrung all the jokes out of college life that I could. And, hell, that could've taken years, especially considering some of the weird crap I had planned for George's friends.

For example, Duncan's original design was to have him be an immortal, a la Highlander. That slowly morphed into a quiet, pessimistic chemical engineer who simply liked Highlander and just happened to have a wicked sword tucked away in a pocket dimension somewhere on his person, which could be whipped out at a moment's notice.

In fact, the long term plan was to give each of his friends some sort of unique characteristics that would one day be utilized to help Blitz fight crime and/or invading alien species. Some of that I was able to introduce near the end of the comic, with Ted's government-sponsored Delta Flight team, Jay's being replaced by a shapeshifting alien (a remnant of the invasion), and Nate's telekinetic abilities. Each revelation would come packaged and slowly revealed in its own storyline.

But, as I said, that was all supposed to happen later, much later. Hell, you probably weren't even supposed to realize George was Blitz until long after the superhero had been introduced. How cool would it be to have a secondary superhero character turn out to be the main character all along? Though, I suppose everyone would've figured it out before too long, especially considering my drawing skills. But the point is that it wasn't supposed to happen now. Unfortunately, I couldn't hold back, and prematurely revealed everything in my impatience to "get to the good stuff". What a frickin' bonehead.
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