Friday, June 30th, 2000 #91
The Attack of the Yellow Demon Now He's Pissed
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Ah, yes, my first run in with that bane of directors: blocking. Basically, my problem was this: I had the dialogue written, and knew it would take at least three panels of Mega Man standing there standing over Proto Man's equipment. But I also felt it necessary to have a panel showing Mega Man getting up from laying down in the last comic. But I really felt it necessary to show Mega Man running over to see what caught his eye, otherwise it would look like Mega Man was getting up and suddenly Proto Man's stuff appeared in front of him.

Unable to come up with a better solution, I decided to just throw in an extra box showing his movement. Looking back, I can think of several ways to work around this, but that comes with seven years of experience I simply didn't have at the time. Just another case of leaving the past as it is to serve as a lesson to those that follow.
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