Bob and George
Welcome to Bob and George, the Comic Strip!

Bob and George is a sprite-based webcomic featuring Capcom's Megaman characters that ran from April 1st, 2000, to July 28th, 2007. The entire archives are available for your viewing pleasure. Using the links in the quasi-static comic above, you can start reading at the beginning, take a look at the end, let fate choose for you with a random comic, search for a specific comic or storyline, or head to the archives to see all that there is to offer.

This is a minor update, so I expect it to be around for a while. I predicted in my last update that I might have all the commentary done by the end of the year, but I expect that won't happen. As some of you may know, I'm working on my PhD and right now all of my time, free or otherwise, is being spent pretty much entirely on that. It doesn't leave much time for commentary, I'm afraid. Sorry. Hopefully once I'm done, I can get back to the commentary.
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