Thursday, June 1st, 2000 #62
The Introduction of George Hello? Is Anyone Out There?
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The first hand-drawn comic was a total cop-out. Not only is it mostly empty space, but I used the same drawing of George from a few comics back (though it was originally drawn for this comic).

Aside from that one drawn head, I didn't intend to signficantly change the comic format. I used the same font with the same type of text boxes, and even the background is the same. The only differences are that the boxes are bigger, they are arranged in a 2x2 configuration, and the character is hand-drawn.

I really wanted the hand-drawn comics to be in color, but without Photoshop to handle the dithering, whenever an image is pasted onto a background, there will be some pixelation around the edge. This is especially visible when color is added, but it's passable when just using grayscale, so that's what I felt I had to do.

Of course, one solution would've been to simply draw everything together, foreground and background in the same drawing, as I'm sure many comic artists do. Unfortunately, I'm just not skilled enough to do anything like that; I knew if I tried, I would end up forced to draw panel after panel over and over because I'd inevitably screw up one thing and have to start over. (I had a sucky eraser too.) So, instead, I drew each piece separately, then copied and pasted them onto the background. Not only did this allow me to draw less, but I could also reuse images and backgrounds over and over, just like sprites.

Little did I know that this is pretty much actually how most webcomic artists already make their comics, just with Photoshop to help everything look nice.
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