Tuesday, June 20th, 2000 #81
The Return to the Beginning The Truth is Revealed
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If Dr. Light didn't have a drinking problem before, this scene might very well be where it started. I think there are few things that could lead a man to drink more than finding out your trusted partner has turned on you and is going to use your creations to take over the world. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'd crawl into a bottle if that happened to me.

This comic is, of course, more or less a remake of a this comic, though from a different perspective and under different circumstances. It's still Dr. Wily revealing his plans to Dr. Light, so it's basically the same comic. Sort of.

As a sign that Mega Man's brain has pretty much been scrambled by Dr. Wily, I set his eyes bouncing around in his sockets, as you can see in the first three panels. Also, there's the occasional utterance of "Duh...". Though, in the last panel, it's almost as if Mega Man is breaking out of character to make a comment... Hmm...
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