Saturday, June 10th, 2000 #71
The Introduction of Napalm It'll Be Better Tomorrow
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By this point, I knew the hand-drawn comic wasn't working. I was only ten days in, and I'd already introduced the two main characters and practically revealed their secret identities to the readers. Worse yet, I had absolutely no idea where the story was going. Letting the story take whatever shape it chose, basically what I'd been doing with the sprite comic, clearly wasn't working with the hand-drawn comic, and I was moving way too fast through exposition that should've taken weeks, if not months, to get through. I was very irritated with myself.

By the way, the little blurry fiery "N" on Napalm's chest was supposed to be his symbol. It's actually been around since the original-original hand-drawn comics. George has a little lightning bolt, and I always thought it looked like a little "S", so I really wanted to give him a superhero name that started with an "S". At one point, I may have come up with a really great electricity-based S-name, but by the time I was putting this comic together, I couldn't remember what it was. In fact, I still can't remember what it was. But it certainly wasn't Spark or Static. And only being able to come up with Spark for this comic only added insult to injury. Eventually I settled on Blitz, which is the German word for lightning, which I always thought was a pretty cool name.
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