Friday, June 9th, 2000 #70
The Introduction of Napalm Can't Anyone Show Up Without an Explosion?
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If the previous comic wasn't the beginning of the end, it was this one. To say I'm disappointed is putting it mildly. I mean, seriously, what's the point? Is there even a punchline? The drawing is crap, the background is crap, the effects are crap, and the story is crap. The whole thing is a giant steaming pile of crap.

I'm not sure if the readers were supposed to know that our electrically-powered hero there is George. I mean, I think we all know it by now, but at the time, the connection was very loose. Sure, George had been standing across the street when Napalm blew up the building, but that doesn't mean he has super powers. No, the sudden appearance of a super hero so soon after the explosion could simply be a coincidence. And it's not like anyone could make a connection based on appearance, since I think we'd all agree that my characters pretty much all look alike.

Now, as for Napalm, I'm pretty sure there's no way anyone could've known he was Bob. Mostly because Bob hadn't been mentioned in the comic yet. Some people might have guessed from the title of the comic; if George was a super hero, it would make sense that Bob would be a super villain. But I think that idea is much too tenuous for anyone to have guessed this early on. Anyway, let me say that I do like the idea that Bob really loves to barbeque. I bet if he just opened a restaurant once they get back home, he could stay out of trouble permanently.
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