Thursday, August 31st, 2000 #153
The Attack on Dr. Wily The Arrival
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One issue I never really wanted to deal with was Mega Man fighting his way through Dr. Wily's fortress. While the Fortress Guardians might be entertaining, where's the fun in fighting the Robot Masters again? Wouldn't I have already used all the good jokes the first time around? Further, given that I was attempting to get through the game quickly, I didn't see a need in getting bogged down with even more fighting before getting the main event, so I just skipped it all.

This is a theme I would continue in the later game parodies, when they still resembled the games at all. There's a comic with the Fortress Guardians in the second game, but other than that, I never bothered. Well, unless you count all the Robot Masters from the Fifth Megaman Game storyline, but I hardly think they count.
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