Saturday, August 12th, 2000 #134
The First Megaman Game The Lifts, Attempt Number Three
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I think the only thing worse than falling off the lifts repeatedly is timing the jump properly, then overcorrecting your landing and falling off anyway.

You know, technically speaking, Mega Man's jump in this comic is breaking the laws of physics. If Mega Man is traveling at the same speed as the lift when he jumps, his inertia should keep him moving horizontally above it, which means that when he lands, he should land directly on it. So, unless he jumps back or the lift suddenly accelerated out from beneath him, he really should have landed right back on top of it.

Of course, that's assuming the laws of physics necessarily apply in video games. And considering you're able to "correct" your jumps mid-air, I'm guessing they don't.

Besides, knowing those damn lifts, the lift probably did accelerate because they're dirty cheating bastards.
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