Thursday, August 24th, 2000 #146
The First Megaman Game Another Great Plan
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Sometimes, for the sake of time and space, I'll skip what I consider unimportant or obvious things between comics. For example, in this comic, I naturally assumed that between this comic and the last, Mega Man would have eventually turned around and noticed Bomb Man standing there, so I saw no need to explicitly show it.

Or rather, when I was putting this comic together I was running low on space for what I considered more worthy content, so decided to I cut out the unnecessary content and left that action up to the imagination of the reader. My only concern, of course, is that some readers wouldn't be able to figure out what had happened between comics and get confused. I'm almost always worried about things like that.

Anyway, I would like to say that I was going for a sense of realism with this comic, suggesting that Bomb Man gets his limitless supply of bombs from a giant pile just off-screen, but then I remembered the entire rest of the comic and realized that in no way does any of it represent reality in the first place. But, even if the comic attempts to address the burning question of where Bomb Man gets his bombs from, it still doesn't explain where he's supposed to keep them in the actual game. Does he have the capability for creating bombs somewhere in his torso? Or is there actually a giant pile just off-screen?

And on a side note, I like the idea that Mega Man told him outright that he'd be running away, and yet Bomb Man turned around anyway. Which, by the way, is another great plan.
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