Wednesday, August 9th, 2000 #131
The First Megaman Game A New Power
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I think we should all be glad that the original Nintendo's hardware wasn't quite up to the task of completely outfitting Mega Man's sprite with the physical characteristics of the Robot Masters whose weapons he's using. I mean, who would really want to see a Cut Blade or one of Metal Man's blades attached to Mega Man's forehead? Though, don't they do that in the Megaman Battle Network games?

You know, now that I think about it, something I've wondered about is why Mega Man's suit changes color when he switches weapons. I mean, in the real world it helps the player identify which weapon is currently selected, but in the context of the game itself, what's the point? Does the suit's ability to interact with and absorb Robot Masters' powers somehow have the side effect of changing its color? Does the same thing happen when he's using a vacuum cleaner attachment too?
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