Saturday, August 26th, 2000 #148
The First Megaman Game The Really Great Plan
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I know there's not a joke in this comic, exactly. I mean, there is the visual gag of the giant pile of bombs sitting just off-screen, but I'm not sure you'd really call that a joke. But sometimes I've felt that not every comic necessarily needs a joke. What every comic does need, however, is some sort of conclusion. Punchlines just usually make for simple conclusions.

You've probably read a comic strip or two where the author seems incapable of properly concluding individual comics, where they just end. There's no sense of finality to them. The characters will be standing around talking, and the comic just ends. This is usually the trademark of a beginning author or a bad writer.

Because humorous comics can typically end in punchlines, it's much easier to do this properly. But dramatic comics must have a hard time, since how do you know how to end a single comic? But then, I suppose the same thing can be said of any writer. How do you know where to end a chapter in a novel? How do you know where to end a paragraph in an essay? I think it's one of those things that comes with experience, and even those that don't know anything about writing can still pick up on it when it's done improperly.

All that being said, I'm not sure this particular comic has a proper conclusion. So Mega Man jumps over the bombs? That's it? Now what? Does this comic have a proper ending? Does Bomb Man's line give it a sense of conclusion, or at least a cliffhanger-esque feel to it, enticing you to go to the next comic so you can see how it's resolved? Maybe, maybe not. I never said I was a good righter.

By the way, does Bomb Man drag that pile of bombs with him wherever he goes? How does that work? Oh, and if you've been following the titles, this is apparently the really great plan, as opposed to those merely great plans where Mega Man just runs away.
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