Sunday, July 30th, 2000 #121
Why Alcohol is Bad for You The Chase
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When this comic first went up, I had a problem. I had originally been using textboxes without any connection to the speaker to indicate thoughts instead of actual spoken words, as well as to indicate voiceovers. But when I got to this comic, I had both, and there wasn't a way to differentiate between them. But I ended up just putting it up the way it was and hoped the readers could figure out what was supposed to be Proto Man's thought and what was supposed to be the Author's voiceover on their own.

But it always bugged me, so I decided to make some minor cosmetic alterations, and added the little square thought bubbles I would use later to the text boxes representing thoughts and a bit of a shadow to the voiceover box. I don't think it's a drastic alteration from the original, and yet easily clears up any confusion there might have been.
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