Wednesday, August 16th, 2000 #138
The First Megaman Game The End of Guts Man
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I figure if the ceiling is unstable enough to drop giant blocks for Guts Man, a Cut Blade smacking into it at just the right place could cause the ceiling to collapse. Besides, Guts Man wouldn't consider a single blade to be much of a threat, allowing it to ricochet off him. This is an example of how Mega Man can somehow become rather intelligent when fighting Robot Masters. Clearly a case of his primary mission (to destroy Robot Masters) overcoming his secondary mission (to be an idiot).

Also, this is one of the few examples where I don't use the regular four-panel structure. I figured all of the action required something a little more exotic to really get the "feel" I was going for. And I never do it again.

Actually, sometimes I wonder what the comic would've been like had I not chosen to go with a traditional four-panel format. What if, instead, I had decided to do larger comics, like those of 8-Bit Theater or Order of the Stick. Given more space, I would imagine it would be easier to set up many jokes, but there would be more pointless dialogue taking up space in preparation for the punchline. And rather than being forced to make due with crappier jokes because it's all I can fit into four panels, I could save up for a really good joke at the end of the big comic. But then, the whole thing would be way more time consuming, so I'd probably have had to go to a MWF updating schedule, rather than every day. So, in the end, I guess it's all a trade-off.

But, I wonder, would the comic have been more successful or less successful had I gone with something else. On the one hand, the jokes would be better, but the schedule suckier. I guess it all depends on what you find more important.
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