Sunday, August 6th, 2000 #128
The First Megaman Game Cutman's Appearance
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In most of the game parodies, I rarely bother doing any comics showing Mega Man fighting his way through the Robot Masters' domains. I mean, why would I? Aside from a handful of particularly unique or challenging areas, how much of the Robot Masters' domains are memorable enough to make jokes about? No, instead, I always made it a point to skip straight to the Robot Master fight... at least when the parodies bare any sort of resemblance to the actual game.

I've always enjoyed Cut Man, mostly because he is, perhaps, the silliest-looking Robot Master. I mean, he's a robot with a giant pair of scissors on his head. Is that supposed to be intimidating? I'm sure he could be drawn to be quite scary, but in the games he always seems to come off more as comic relief. Yeah, something tells me he's the least likely Robot Master to be haunting Mega Man's nightmares... and given the kind of dreams Mega Man has, maybe that's a good thing.

Like so many things in a sprite comic, the sprites avaiable for a particular character play a big part in what I can do with that character. Sometimes the sprites are a limitation, but sometimes the sprites themselves give me ideas for jokes and can influence a character's personality significantly. For example, in this comic, the sprite of Cut Man in the last panel is supposed to indicate anger, but my first thought upon viewing it was that Cut Man looks rather indignant for not being taken seriously. And from there, the comic basically wrote itself.
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