Wednesday, May 23rd, 2001 #404
The Second Megaman Game Wily's Fortress Bosses
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As I've mentioned before, I had no intention of having Mega Man fight his way through Wily's fortress. Not only would he have to deal with the Fortress Guardians, but he'd also have to go through all the Robot Masters again, and I didn't see any point in putting the readers through that kind of torment. But rather than just leave them out like I did in the first game parody, I thought I'd show them standing around talking while they wait for Mega Man to show up.

As to their dialogue, the Mecha Dragon is referring to "Puff the Magic Dragon", which is full of drug innuendos. I must admit, though, that as a child I had absolutely no idea. And then there's the Guts Dozer, whom I decided to him a personality similar to what you might expect out of your typical Frankenstein's monster, especially one played by Phil Hartman.

I suppose I should admit that another reason I decided not to deal with the Fortress Guardians in the second game is simply that I've never actually reached all of them. You see, while I can get to the Mecha Dragon, I've never be able to defeat him. The bastard keeps knocking me off the stupid blocks before I can kill him. And since I can't defeat him, much like Guts Man's platforms in the first game, I can't get to any of the other guardians, nor to to Wily himself.
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