Monday, August 28th, 2000 #150
The First Megaman Game The Really Big Explosion
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Ah, more explosions created from random sprites. In this case, I used the energy capsules left behind in the NES Megaman games. Plus, an explosion large and bright enough to overload the "camera", as it were. Though, I'm not exactly sure why you can't see Mega Man prior to the explosion... perhaps the source of the explosion is just beyond the horizon, indicating just how huge an explosion it really was.

Come to think of it, why is the explosion that big? I mean, it was just ten bombs exploding right? While I could see that much firepower taking out Elec Man and Bomb Man, it doesn't really explain an explosion of this magnitude. Maybe the explosion was amplified by the explosion of the two Robot Masters at the same time or something.

Further, is this scene inside or outside? Was Mega Man inside or outside of a building when he was being chased by the Elec Man and Bomb Man? And if he was inside, is he still inside? How big is this frickin' building? Or is this now outside? Did Mega Man get blown out of a building that is now almost certainly destroyed? But if he's outside, why is the ground gray? You know what? Maybe I should stop asking this stupid questions.
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