Tuesday, May 2nd, 2000 #32
The Introduction of the Author Play the Blame Game!
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I have to wonder how many other sprite comics out there have done this comic, nearly verbatim? The Author character shows up, introduces himself, followed by a self-deprecating joke. I've seen it done so many times, I cringe a little when I read it in my own comic. But I leave it the way it is as a prime example of what not to do in a sprite comic.

Though, in my defense, there wasn't a spriting community around yet to tell me not to do these things. Besides, most of the things you're not supposed to do in a sprite comic are there because I did them first and everyone got tired of others doing exactly the same things.

Now, you might have noticed that the rest of the cast wasn't terribly pleased about being in the comic. At this point, the sprite comic was still supposed to be filler, so it was supposed to be an inconvenience to the Megaman characters to be forced to act out these scenes. This running theme eventually disappeared when it became apparent that they were in it for the long haul and it made no sense to bitch about it anymore. You see? I do stop beating some dead horses.

By the way, if God showed up and introduced Himself, I really think someone should bring up his responsibility for the mess the planet is in. Unless someone already did, and then God erased him from existence, in which case no one would ever remember him, so we'd never know what he did. So, on second thought, maybe pointing out flaws in God's creation is a bad idea.
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