Friday, April 14th, 2000 #14
The Beginning of the Story Special Big Episode, Part I
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This and the two comics that follow were originally created as one big triple-sized comic. When I realized I could cut it up into three separate comics, saving me the trouble of actually making two new comics and allowing me to take the weekend off, I did just that. Remember kids, hard work pays off tomorrow, but laziness pays off now.

This comic contains one of my first attempts at not only doing a background, but also props. As you can see, it didn't work out so well. Yessirree, nothing wrong with a simple single-color background, if you ask me.

This is also one of the first instances showcasing the self-deprecating nature of the comic. I knew full well that I was just making a sprite comic, and that sprite comics in general can be considered inferior to regular hand-drawn comics. As such, I feel the need to make as much fun of myself as possible, as often as possible.

The original version of this comic (at least the first part) can be seen here. I tried very hard to keep it as close to the original as possible, at least in terms of crappiness.
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