Monday, April 10th, 2000 #10
The Beginning of the Story Introductions Are In Order
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I never really understood why Dr. Light would knowingly associate himself with someone named "Dr. Wily". It would be like having a dentist named "Dr. Pain" or a family doctor named "Dr. Death". I mean, it could just be an unfortunate coincidence, but it seems to me that you're just asking for trouble.

My take on it is that Dr. Light is just incredibly naive and trusting, to the point of stupidity. And the later realization of his faults leads to his chronic alcoholism.

As you can see in this comic's original version, Proto Man's original line was "And who's the guy with... shifty eyes talking to himself?" The line was so long it started in the first panel and trailed into the second, and I never liked the way it looked. So when I was redoing this comic, I decided to condense Proto Man's line all into the second panel, and add a line to the first panel. I think it works better this way.

I also removed the mumbling that Dr. Wily is doing. I think I removed it because it didn't really add anything to the joke. Besides, I think we all know that it really should have been "muttering", not "mumbling".
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