Saturday, April 29th, 2000 #29
Mega Man's Missing! But It Tastes So Good..
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Looking back, this comic doesn't really make much sense. The joke is supposed to be that Roll is trying to remind Mega Man about his message on violence, implying that his actions are hypocritical, and all it reminds him of is his message, which he finishes off by talking about ice cream, alluding to the earlier comic when Proto Man and Roll left Dr. Light's fresh corpse to get ice cream. At least, that was the idea.

Nevertheless, I like this comic for the first panel.

Oh, and if you're wondering why Roll is off-screen, it's because I didn't have any sprites of her running. In fact, let me take a moment to bemoan the lack of official 16-bit Roll sprites and thank the spriting community for making some as the years went on.

You know, this might be the only comic in which ice cream is talked about in a negative manner.
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