Saturday, April 15th, 2000 #15
The Beginning of the Story Special Big Episode, Part II
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So, Cut Man is the gardener and Ice Man is in... er, is the refrigerator. Once I introduced Cut Man and his menial task, I realized that I could easily get some jokes out of showing the rest of the original six Robot Masters and the menial tasks to which they had been assigned. And the more menial, the better.

The sprite of that soda is a slighly modified version of this sprite: from Megaman 3.

As mentioned in yesterday's commentary, this comic was originally part of a large triple-sized comic that I split into three separate comics to make it last longer. What I actually did was each attach the next part of the triple-sized comic. In other words, what I actually posted on April 15th was this, which is yesterday's comic and today's comic stuck together. And then tomorrow's comic was all three of them together, which was what I had originally made. Got all that?

I'd also like to take just a moment to point that I was using the phrase "weapon of mass destruction" long before George Bush made it cool.

Also, this should have been the day that the hand-drawn comic started, but I had totally forgotten by this point.
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