Wednesday, April 5th, 2000 #5
The First Strips Regulations, Schmegulations
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More filler comics to stall for the release of the "actual" comic. The idea for this comic came from a conversation I had with a college friend down the hall. We were talking about police regulations, such as offering criminals a chance to surrender before blowing them away, and how this would work in a video game like Megaman, considering the sheer amount of destruction which Mega Man is usually directly responsible for.

The two enemies in this comic, the Met-Hat and the Bunby Tank, came from the same sprite sheet as the Mad Grinder a few comics back, as they were all enemies encountered in the introductory level of Megaman 7. Not that I knew that at the time, since I hadn't actually played that game yet.

That's right. The guy that made a fairly popular Megaman sprite comic hadn't actually played the game the sprites were from. I was a big fan of Megaman 2 and Megaman 3, as well as Megaman X, but hadn't really played the rest of them. Hell, when I first found the Megaman 7 sprite sheets, I wasn't even aware there was an SNES game featuring the original characters. I have, of course, since corrected that mistake and bought an actual cartridge of Megaman 7 online.

The explosion sprite in the second panel was modified from this sprite: . I cut off the top and bottom and rotated a copy 90 degrees. Without a reasonably powerful graphics program, this sort of sprite manipulation is the only way I could do special effects.

The original version of this comic can be seen here. As you can see, I didn't have to change much when I remade this comic.
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