Thursday, April 27th, 2000 #27
Mega Man's Missing! Ice Cream is Good
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Ah, the introduction of ice cream. I was trying to think of something mundane for Proto Mana and Roll to do to accentuate how truly unconcerned they were about Dr. Light's death or the continuation of the comic. I thought about them going out for a beer or pizza, or playing Monopoly, or drinking until they go blind, but in the end I chose ice cream, probably because it's simple and I just like ice cream. And, frankly, what is less important than going out for ice cream?

That being said, I swear, I had no idea how much of a thing it would become in the rest of the comic.

I also like how Roll is more concerned with the continuation of the comic than the death of her creator.

On a completely different note, by this point in your reading of the archives, you might have noticed the randomly changing background colors. When the comic first started, I thought it was important to have a different background color each day. I have no idea why, but this meant some comics ended up with truly horrendous background colors. Realizing the error of my ways, once I started the storyline that would eventually introduce Bob and George, I started sticking to the idea of one background per storyline, unless circumstances specifically permitted a change in the background color.
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