Saturday, February 17th, 2001 #309
Prelude to a Bad Time A Level 10 Emergency!
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To be fair, a temporal distortion wave that threatens to erase existance really is a bad thing, and is perhaps a "Level 10" emergency. The problem is that in order for that to mean anything, you have to know what the rest of the scale is. If the scale goes up to 100, then Level 10 emergency isn't such a big deal. If there are only 5 levels of emergency, then, well, you might as well kiss your ass goodbye when you hear there's a Level 10.

But man, Level 10 sounds pretty bad, doesn't it? The problem is assuming there are levels other than 10. For example, is there a Level 1 emergency? Is that a kitten stuck in a tree? Does that really even count as an "emergency"? Would Dr. Wily attacking the lab be a Level 7 emergency? Does the threat level go down after each attack and it starts to become mundane?

For that matter, do you even really need different levels of emergency? Wouldn't it be easier to just call lower level emergencies by other names and use "emergency" for the real deal? Then again, I suppose it wouldn't be nearly as much fun.
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