Monday, May 1st, 2000 #31
The Introduction of the Author Who's This Guy?
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Whether or not you consider Proto Man dressing up like Mega Man to be the first recolor, the Author was definitely the first deliberate recolor. Whether or not that's a good thing, I don't know.

I'm not really sure what I was thinking when I put that sprite together. I mean, I do like the colors blue and purple, and that is my approximate hair color, but why would I have him dressed up in purple spandex and be introduced with a giant "POOF!" sound effect? Was my subconscious trying to tell me something about my sexual orientation?

You might notice in this comic and other made around the same time that the mouths on the Megaman-base sprites are a bit off. I hadn't quite perfected "making sprites talk" yet. However, aside from that little mistake, there's nothing really wrong with these comics, so I decided not to go back and fix them, as I did with the first few weeks. Besides, I think it's important to leave your mistakes public, to remind you of how things used to be and let others see what you did in the past and how you improved on your skills over time.
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