Thursday, April 13th, 2000 #13
The Beginning of the Story No, The Gardener Did It
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In the actual backstory, it's said that the first six Robot Masters were originally all designed to benefit humanity. I believe Cut Man was supposed to help in logging and the clearing of forests, hence the need for him to have a giant pair of scissors on his head, as well as the ability to take them off and hurl them at things. While some might consider this needlessly dangerous and more than a little foolish, I suppose a bulldozer or a steamroller in the wrongs hands could be just as deadly.

Anyway, my take on the whole Robot Master thing is that Dr. Light made them to just help around the house, like Proto Man and Mega Man. I like the idea that, for some reason, Dr. Light knowingly created extremely dangerous and deadly robots (designed by Dr. Wily, of course) to do simple, menial tasks around the house. It adds to the sense of the ridiculous and the idea that Dr. Light really isn't paying attention to what's going on around him.

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