Monday, April 3rd, 2000 #3
The First Strips Oh God, Now What?
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One of the nicest parts about sprite comics is that, unlike hand-drawn comics, there's no shame in copying and pasting. In fact, it's an integral part of the spriting process, so there's no reason I can't just, say, take the first comic, replace the dialogue, and have a brand new comic.

By this point in the comic's progress I had access to my friend's scanner, but I couldn't get the hand-drawn comic look the way I wanted once it was digitized, either due to my poor drawing skills or my lack of a good graphics program. As I mentioned earlier, all I had on my computer were Paint and Photo Editor, and as far as taking scanned images and cleaning them up enough for a comic, they weren't up to the task. While those two programs were fine for putting together a sprite comic, I needed something more powerful to do a hand-drawn comic.

Of course, I didn't know that yet, so rather than give up on the idea altogether and stick to sprites, I thought I just needed more time to figure out a good system for scanning my stuff in and cleaning it up. A couple of weeks sounded like enough time to me, so I set a new self-imposed deadline (that I also wouldn't end up meeting).

If you'd like to see the original version of this comic, click here. This comic is where I first decided to start using the Comic Sans font, much to the disappointment of all those who hate Comic Sans.
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