Sunday, November 11th, 2001 #576
The Attack of Mynd Priorities
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I think we're starting to see the first glimpses of the consequences of what Dr. Wily did to the Mega Man of the past. Mega Man's starting to seem a little smarter than he was prior to all that time travel.

It just goes to show you that I was already setting some events in motion for future storylines, something I enjoy doing every chance I get.

If you didn't happen to read the comic during its run, let me explain what a fancomic is.

Fairly early on in the comic's progression, some fans sent in their own comics as a tribute. Not knowing where it would lead, I made a page and posted them. Some of these fans made a series of fancomics, which I also posted. Before long, these people were sending in regular updates. One thing lead to another, and soon enough there was a whole section of the site devoted to fancomics, leading to a necessary submission process for selecting which fancomics were be hosted on the site.

Some of the fancomics were good enough and popular enough that they were "promoted" to subcomics, many of which ended up with their own separate sections of the website, often with a subdomain.

Over the years, fancomics came and went, subcomics were promoted and demoted, and people kept sending in submissions. As of this writing, only one hosted comic is still updating: MS Paint Masterpieces by DisgruntledFerret. The rest* of the comics that have been hosted now reside on the Downloads Page, where zipped archives can be downloaded.

Anyway, one of the biggest problems with fancomic submissions was that many of them were absolutely awful. Whether because the author was too young or just an idiot, most submissions were immediately rejected upon arrival in our inboxes. Helmut here was just trying to save us the trouble of dealing with them, by suggesting that potential fancomic authors check with someone else, someone who would give you an honest opinion, before sending them in.

* I did my best to include each and every comic ever hosted on the site, but there may be some from the early days that got lost.
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