Sunday, November 25th, 2001 #590
The Attack of Mynd C1-14D, Model L1N6
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To do the whole "OMG! Chadling is a Demon!" surprise one better, it turns out Purple Demon's also have the ability to grow to enormouse size, making the entire situation that much worse.

And in the tradition of Demons, Chadling has a l33t variation of his name, just like N4T3.

This long quip/rant was based on the aftermath of the previous quip, sort of. I believe the situation was that because I had been out quite late the night before, I was tardy in my update of the comic. Some people complained, which I thought was rather unfounded, given that the entire webcomic was something I was doing for a bunch of complete strangers, and it really wasn't their place to demand anything out of me.

Not that I haven't been in their position a time or two.
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