Saturday, November 10th, 2001 #575
The Attack of Mynd Chadling Defects
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Since Chadling had already started turning against Mynd because of the ice cream incident, I didn't think would make any sense for him to attack Mega Man and Bass just because he was ordered to.

In fact, if you think back, Chadling wasn't all that interested in helping Mynd and Mike test Bob's blaster in the first place, so it's not that surprising that Chadling would turn against him the first chance he got.

Looking at this comic again, I think I should've taken the last sentence from the third panel and put it at the top of the fourth panel. Ah, laments.

And once again, we see both the regular Author and the Helmeted Author in the same place at the same time, indicating that they are, in fact, separate beings. When this quip first went up, the Helmeted Author was in the main part of the blurb, and the regular Author was in a separate table frame to the right, under the list of subcomics that were updating that day.
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