Thursday, November 15th, 2001 #580
The Attack of Mynd The Demon is a Crybaby
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While I like the idea of making everyone think Nate's going to go beserk and kill everyone, I just couldn't bring myself to have him do that. I like Nate, and I like to think that with all the time Nate had spent around the characters in the comic, his core personality had changed from that of a blood-thirsty killing machine to what we would associate with loveable little Nate. So he doesn't really need his glasses to control his inner desires, just to correct his vision.

Besides all that, this comic contains a bit of foreshadowing, though it's the sort that most readers would simply gloss over while reading the rest of the comic. First, Mynd says that he has destroyed Nate's "control jewel", which is what he must be assuming Nate's glasses are. This fits with what most readers would think the glasses are for.

But then he says that Nate will explode without it, which doesn't make any sense at this point. Why would Nate explode without his glasses? Of course, this all makes sense later, when we find out more about Chadling.

Apparently this particular Helmeted Author Quip has been quoted somewhere out there on the internets. I'm not sure what caused me to write it, aside from maybe I was just having a bad day and decided to list all the types of people that bug me and I wish would just go away.

First, I find people that complain about their culture dying tedious. If you're culture is dying, it seems to me that it must not have been a worthwhile culture in the first place, or it wouldn't be dying, would it? Sure, there's something to be said for the influx of other cultures onto your own, displacing it, but look, if your own people don't care enough about your culture to prefer it over another, why should the government step in to try to preserve it? Change happens and you might as well get used to it.

Second, for the love of god, stop buying antibiotic this and antibacterial that. News flash! Regular old soap and water is the still one of the most effective ways to kill germs and keep from getting sick. You know what works really well at killing germs on a surface? Letting it dry! If there's one thing I cannot stand, it's those disinfecting wipes. Why would you buy something that is really no more effective than soap and a paper towel? And I'm not even getting into the whole idea that making things too clean apparently isn't good for kids and their developing immune systems.

Third, if you own an SUV, gas is going to cost a lot. If you don't like it, stop driving your behemoth-mobile.

Fourth, I don't particularly care for Jay-walking segments or similar pieces on other shows, where they ask people what are supposedly simple questions about things they know nothing about. I think it's mean. For starters, how much of the audience understands that you interviewed hundreds of people, most of whom probably answered your questions adequately? Do your viewers know that you've carefully picked out only the people that made themselves look like complete asses on TV? It seems to me that what you're showing are probably normal people finding themselves suddenly on the spot and asked questions in front of a camera, which already tends to make regular people turn into morons, and then you laugh about it, as though we would all do much better in their circumstances. I think it's dishonest and mean.

That being said, people that are on Jay-walking more than once actually are morons.
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