Saturday, November 24th, 2001 #589
The Attack of Mynd Chadling Transforms
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When this comic was first shown, it was quite a revelation for the readers. Almost no one had any idea Chadling was a demon. Looking back now, you can see that there are a few clues hinting to Chadling's true nature in the preceding comics.

For example, Mynd seems to know an awful lot about Demons, even though we've never seen him with one. And then he used the term "control jewel" when referring to Nate's glasses, even though it's not really a jewel of any kind. And yet, Chadling does have a jewel in his forehead... though there's not really an explanation as to why Slash Man does.

Anyway, overall I think it was a pretty good twist.

In all honestly, I don't really get the point of going out to strip clubs. I've gone, and I'm pretty sure I had gone to one the night this comic and quip went up, but I don't really get them. What's the point of looking at naked women when there's nothing you can do about it? It seems like an exercise in futility if you ask me.
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