Tuesday, November 6th, 2001 #571
The Attack of Mynd Ninja Ned?
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I needed some sort of stupid nickname for Roll to call Mike, and "Ninja Ned" was the only thing I could think of at the time. I know it doesn't make sense, but that's the whole point.

Of course, I later arranged it so it would make sense, having Ninja Ned be the name of the non-alternate version of Mike from the Megaman Universe. One could presume, then, that Roll might possibly have heard of the real Ninja Ned and decided to use that name here. Who knows, maybe the real Ninja Ned is a celebrity in the Megaman Universe. Maybe he even has his own video game...

And because Roll's hair sucks, I threw in a bit of Zero's hair where she's running away in the second panel.

This was the first* appearance of the Helmeted Author Quips in the blurb on the front page. I was bored and started putting them together to take up space on the front page.

And don't even get me started on the innuendo of a purple guy with a helmet...

* Actually, there was at least one Helmeted Author Quip before this one, but when I first started them, I didn't think to archive them, so I overwrote them at first. When I realized people actually liked them, I tried to recover the ones I'd overwritten, but I'm pretty sure I lost at least one, probably more. This one, then, was the earliest one I was able to recover. And I'm pretty sure this is the date that it first appeared, though there is some speculation on that.
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