Thursday, March 8th, 2001 #328
A Bad Time Shadowy Villains Don't Need Lights
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As evidenced by this comic, my original intent was for Mynd to attack the Megaman Universe while Mega Man and X were in the past, trying to fix things. I believe the plan was that with Mega Man out of the way, there'd be no one to stop his plans for conquest. But then I pretty much completely forgot about him until after the Second Megaman Game storyline was over. And it's probably a good thing too, since it would be near-suicide to attempt an attack at this point, what with Mega Man and X constantly changing the present by altering the past.

Nevertheless, I can still write this off as what Mynd may have intended to do. Maybe he was planning to wait until Mega Man and X had fixed the alterations in the past, and then attack before they got back, but Bob's untimely interference derailed those plans.

As for the actual punchline in the comic, it just seemed to me that whenever you have a shadowy villain in movies or television, only lit by a single light source, the scene cuts away immediately after the villain says something malevolent and turns out that light source. I just thought it would be funny to see what happens if the scene doesn't cut away right after that.
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