Wednesday, February 28th, 2001 #320
A Bad Time Two Slightly Stuck Megamen
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I don't know why I was dragging the story along here. I'm pretty sure I knew where Bass had ended up, and that Mega Man would have to travel back in time to fix it, so I don't know why I was spending so much time with Mega Man and X just standing around doing nothing. Perhaps I was just especially busy with classes at the time, or maybe I had just cranked these out as quickly as possible to make time to work on the first set of animated anniversary comics.

Whatever the reason, it's really sad that I didn't have any different sprites to use for either of these two characters, so they just ended up standing there, locked in single poses while they tried to figure out what was going on. As mentioned, all of X's 16-bit sprites kind of suck, and I couldn't find a decent sprite sheet of Mega Man in his Rush Adapter Suit, so he was kind of stuck in his pose too. I suppose I could've tried to create some custom sprites, but I wasn't really ready to do anything like that, especially with X.
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