Monday, March 12th, 2001 #332
Tales From a Parallel Universe 2 The Introduction of Dark Macc
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One of the drawbacks to doing a crossover is that if the reader isn't familiar with the characters in the other comic (or site), some of the jokes may be lost on them. Nonetheless, this does occasionally have the benefit of enticing the reader to visit the other site to figure out what's going on and become familiar with the other characters and their running jokes.

In this case, on Macc's site there's a long-running gag that both Macc and Dark Macc, his evil alter-ego or something, both claim that FARTS is their show. I believe there was a contract involved, which is another gag Macc used quite a bit.

Unfortunately for Macc, I guess I hadn't read his episodes as closely as I should before putting together these comics, and I was under the impression that Dark Macc was also somehow the show's co-host... which he's not. But by the time I had realized that, the episodes were already written and put together, so poor Macc had to figure out some way of it all making sense when he finally wrote this episode for his site. You see? Crossovers are a pain in the ass for everyone.
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