Saturday, March 3rd, 2001 #323
A Bad Time The Mysterious Shadowy Villain
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Around this time, a fan had emailed me and asked if I would include his character in the comic. Since I didn't have that many readers yet, and none of them had ever asked for something like that before, the idea intrigued me. All the kid told me was that his character's name was Mynd and that he was a purplish recolor of Sigma, so I filled in the rest of the details, and decided to make him a major villain. I'm pretty sure the final result isn't what the reader had in mind, but I'm pretty sure he was estatic that I used it anyway.

So if this new character was going to be the next big villain, it made sense to introduce him early so it wouldn't come as such a surprise to the readers, as well as set up some foreshadowing to keep the readers interested and involved. Besides, anything to break up the string of comics where Mega Man and X stand there talking has to be a good thing, right?

By the way, some readers immediately recognized the villain as a Sigma sprite, so they automatically assumed it was the real Sigma from the future, somehow connected to X traveling to the past, and planning to attack. I admit, it makes sense, even if it was completely wrong.

Also, the original intent was for Mynd to be the one responsible for opening the portal and sending Bass back in time. Unfortunately, by the time Mynd was officially introduced, I'd completely forgotten about that idea. Further, I'm not even sure Mynd is clever enough to pull off something that complicated, much less the technology.
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