Sunday, March 4th, 2001 #324
A Bad Time The Creation Paradox
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The idea here is that when Bass went into the past, he messed something up, which caused a major change in the way Megaman 2 turned out. Possibly such a major change that none of the other Megaman games came to be created at all. Since I, the Author, didn't really get into the Megaman games until around Megaman 3, I probably would never have had the interest to make the comic in the first place. Hence, no Author, and subsequently, no comic. Not to mention that if there was no Megaman 7 or Megaman X, where did these sprites even come from?

That then presents the metaphysical question: if the Author isn't creating the comic, who is? Is anyone? Do the comic and its characters exist without the Author, without something to create them? If not, how can the characters deal with the situation if they don't exist anymore? I mean, you'd think this kind of paradox should at least destroy something. Greg Dean did a similar storyline in his comic, Real Life.

Also, I believe this is also the first time anyone in the comic comments on their contempt for time travel.
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