Monday, March 26th, 2001 #346
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Seeing as how the current storyline was poised to take a rather drastic turn, it seemed like a good place to break for the party that would surround the first anniversary. After all, it isn't every day that your comic celebrates its first year.

After one year, the comic was pretty successful, as far as most webcomics go. Some other webcomics had linked to me, such as Real Life by Greg Dean and Exploitation Now (which has ended and its author, Michael Poe, is now working on another comic called Errant Story). That started bringing in new readers, which is usually a death-knell for a small comic hosted on Tripod. Luckily, a fan by the name of Khuffie, asked me to host the comic on his site, ZeldaLegends. It was a pretty nice deal, so move I did.

It was also during the first year that several other sprite comics started up in my wake, including Life of Wily by Jim Newberry and the now-incredibly-famous 8-bit Theater by Brian Clevinger.

So, yeah, I think it was something to celebrate. The celebration I had in mind was a week of animated comics, and I'd spent the entire month of March working on them, putting them together in a nifty GIF animator I'd found on the interet (called GIF Construction Set, by Alchemy Mindworks). Later on, I'd convert most of them to Flash, mostly to save on bandwidth. Although, I really should go through and actually animate them in Flash, rather than just converting them over, since that would not only improve their quality, but should decrease the bandwidth even more. Oh well.

By the way, there are a couple of things to note about this comic. First, this is really the first time Dr. Light does anything to suggest his drinking, which would become a major part of his character later. Since I always kind of imagined Dr. Light as British, I figured he'd probably drink Guinness. Also, we see both X and Mega Man rushing off to get some ice cream, which might seem like something of a plot hole, since when X is first activated he doesn't like ice cream. Luckily, I was able to resolve this by having Bob reprogram X while he was in his capsule, and part of the reprogramming apparently involved the love of ice cream.

And one confusing thing about this particular comic is the underlying question of actual time travel versus recreation. If you recall, the first game's storyline was clearly a recreation put on by the cast. So the question was whether or not this game's storyline was going to be another recreation or actual time travel. I mean, we saw Mega Man and X activate the time machine, so we'd should expect the latter, but to have them suddenly be in the future simply by moving a background set piece suggest the former. Maybe the answer is somewhere in the middle, and the entire comic is nothing more than a show being put on by the characters, full well knowing that it's all just a show... It's a metaphysical question that I never answered and the comic has slowly moved away from since.
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