Friday, March 16th, 2001 #336
Tales From a Parallel Universe 2 My Blaster Says No!
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When I was working on this storyline, I realized that after Bob takes out Dark Macc and refuses to sign Macc's contract, I would need someone else to fight Bob, and I thought maybe it could be one of Macc's other guests from that episode of FARTS. I asked Macc who else he'd be having on the show, and he mentioned the Cids and that they'd all be drunk. And, well, I simply couldn't resist the thought of a bunch of drunk midgets attacking Bob.

Now, for those of you who aren't Final Fantasy fans, let me explain. In each Final Fantasy game, there's a character called Cid. Sometimes he joins your party, sometimes he's just a background character, but he's always there. Hell, there's even a Cid in the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within movie. And in this comic, those are the sprites of four of them. From the top down, we've got Cid Pollendina from Final Fantasy IV (Final Fantasy II for the SNES), Cid del Norte Marguez from Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy III for the SNES), Cid Haze from the original Final Fantasy III, and Cid Previa from the original Final Fantasy V.
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