Tuesday, March 6th, 2001 #326
A Bad Time The Button
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I can only assume that in the original design of the Rush Adapter Suit, the big yellow object on the front is supposed to be some sort of power crystal, much like what on the front of Bass's helmet. That being said, I couldn't help but think it looked like a big button, and I thought maybe it could be used to activate the time suit. I realized that having a single button to activate the time suit would actually make sense, from Dr. Light's perspective. Think about it: He knows there's a temporal shockwave approaching, and he knows he won't have the time to explain how to operate the time suit to Mega Man before the shockwave reaches them. So, instead, he just pre-programs in the proper space-time coordinates, and all Mega Man has to do is hit the button to activate the time suit. Unfortunately, he assumes Mega Man will be bright enough to hit the giant yellow button on the front of his suit, which is clearly asking too much.

You might look at this comic as the precursor to the "it's only one button" jokes that plague George later.

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