Sunday, March 11th, 2001 #331
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I did my best to make Macc's dialogue sound as similar to what you'd find in one of his actual episodes, but considering the disclaimer he has up about the bad language, I may not have done a very good job.

If memory serves, Macc and I had something of a disagreement on Chrono's line up there. I believe I wanted his text box to simply have "..." in it, seeing as how he was the typically silent main character from a Squaresoft game, but Macc wanted him to actually say "I hate this show." In the end, we compromised and had Chrono think his line.

Graphically, this storyline isn't one of my favorites. I don't particularly care for mixing sprites, such as having a Chrono sprite in the same panel with a Megaman 7 sprite, along with whatever the hell Macc's sprite is. But, unfortunately, it was necessary in this storyline. Another problem is that Macc's sprite isn't very cleanly cut out, leading to that nasty white outline. It probably wouldn't be so distinct were it not for the background I already mentioned hating. And that sprite of Bob sitting down isn't very good either, but I wasn't a very good spriter back then. No, if I were to remake these comics today, there were be a number of things I would do differently, especially making them in Photoshop instead of Paint, which would make most of my problems simply go away. But I'd keep the desk and chairs. They're awesome.
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