Thursday, February 1st, 2001 #293
The Aftermath of Bob N4-T3's Super Transformation!
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One of the first things I realized when introducing Nate is that it would be nearly impossible to have him as a recurring secondary character if he was always a Yellow Demon. There just isn't enough room in the panels for that sort of thing. So, being a squishy Yellow Demon and all, it occurred to me that he could easily be a shape-shifter and take on the form of a Megaman recolor... with big glasses.

Of course, I wanted to show this transformation in all its glory, using a huge number of frames from the Yellow Demon's original sprite sheets, but I wisely realized that would take a huge number of panels, and the readers probably wouldn't care for something like that. Instead, I cut the panels into smaller sections and showed as many frames of the animation as I felt I could. And then, when I got the chance, I animated the full sequence.
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