Wednesday, February 14th, 2001 #306
Prelude to a Bad Time Recalling Megaman 7
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Sometimes readers wonder when in the Megaman timeline the comic supposedly takes place. Just looking at the sprites, it should be clear that it has to take place between the sixth and eighth Megaman games, since Megaman 6 used 8-bit sprites and Megaman 8 used 32-bit sprites. In other words, the comic must take place sometime around Megaman 7, if only because that's where nearly all the sprites come from. Further, since Bass is in the comic and he wasn't introduced until the seventh game, the comic must take place after Megaman 7, and this comic confirms that.

Now, for those of you who haven't played Megaman 7, let me explain what Mega Man's talking about. (I apologize for the following spoiler, but if you're reading this and you're not a Megaman fan, then I figure you probably won't care if I ruin the game for you.)

You see, when Mega Man first encounters Bass in the seventh game, Bass is pretending to be a good robot that shares the intent of stopping Dr. Wily. Later, Bass is damaged and Mega Man unwittingly sends him directly to the heart of Dr. Light's lab for repair, whereupon Bass ransacks the place and steals the plans for the Rush Adapter. The Rush Adapter, from Megaman 6, allows Mega Man to fly in short bursts. Dr. Wily uses the modification to upgrade Bass's support unit, Treble, giving Bass the ability to fly during his final confrontation with Mega Man.

And personally, I think Bass's Treble Adapter is way cooler than the stupid Rush Adapter.
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